Monday, September 17, 2012

On the Move~

Yes, I have been absent for a while. . . 
We sold our farm in Idaho and are moving to Ohio!

I will post more on the story as we go, but just wanted to share a picture of my new space.
BunkHouse Quilts moving too!

Here we are in Idaho.

You will have to use your imagination here in our new basement.
I already know exactly where everything will go!
 . . . and will actually have more square footage here
 . . . and I won't have to go outside to another building in the winter!~
Updates will come as we go through this life changing journey.
I can tell you that you won't see any quilts here on the blog until November.
I can also tell you that my quilting studio is going in the moving truck first.
 When we get to the back of the truck, if the couch doesn't fit--too bad!


Diane E W said...

OMG!! I thought you were busy out there in the fields somewhere. I hope this is a good life journey. I know how hard it is to move 50 miles but I can't imagine moving from ID to OH. Good luck and will be waiting for any updates along the way.

Doniene said...

I too have been wondering about you! Thought maybe BLOGGER was acting up again - some blogs don't always show up on my reading list! Wow that is a big change - Idaho to Ohio - still farming? Looking forward to updates - be safe and God Bless!

Marsha said...

Best wishes on your big move. I like your idea of loading the quilting stuff first, a new couch is easy to get if the old one doesn't fit!

Nancy said...

Eager to see your studio when it is set up again. Safe travel to your new home, my friend.

Cindy said...

Wow.....that is big news! Congrats! Can't wait to hear all of the details!

Sue Daurio said...

Good luck with the move!!

AnnieO said...

That is big news! I can only imagine the mix of excitement and apprehension at such a big life change. Best wishes for a smooth transition (and the couch fitting in the truck :) )

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Are you moving near your kids? That would be great! If I can get my son's quilt top finished, I'd love to be one of your first customers in your Ohio 'studio'.

LynCC said...

Oh my goodness!! It's a strange concept to think of you moved away from your farm. I hope all kinds of wonderful things find you in Ohio. Good luck getting everything unpacked and set up - it's such a daunting process. {{{{ }}}}


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