Wednesday, October 23, 2013

No Time to Quilt!

A few of my blogger friends have mentioned that they miss my quilting posts.  I have not disappeared from the quilting world, just been on leave for awhile.  I spent a lot of time this summer painting and remodeling our living room.

We moved into this house October 2012.  This was a photo I took when we looked at this house before we purchased the property.  As you can see, the fireplace, the oak mantel and the built in cupboards all blended together and were basically the same color.  The mint green walls did nothing to enhance the room.  I didn't even like the "pink" brick.  It was my least favorite room.
 After a little paint and lots of elbow grease, it is now my favorite room: so warm and cozy.
I thought I would share some of the changes we went through.  We did all the work our selves, we just pulled up the trailer at the side of the driveway and set up the chop saw and the table saw.  We could put all our materials and tools in here, lock it up at night and we still had a garage for normal use.
I sanded the oak that had to stay and be painted black, then painted a section of the wall Caramel (goodbye mint green!). We refaced the built in cabinets with painted, distressed pine.  Oak is my least favorite wood.....sigh....the whole house is full of it.  
I sanded the cabinet top, the stationary shelf, and the interior sides--all the oak that would need to be painted.  I lightly sanded the back and lightly painted it with one coat as I wanted the background showing through any knot holes  to match.  We installed stained tongue and groove knotty pine boards in the upper and lower back of the cupboards.

Before . . . oh my, oh my.  Some poor soul really spent a lot of time cutting out this intricate pattern.
 . . . after  Whew!  I feel better already.

Before . . .
. . . after 

Before . . .
. . . after 

So, after almost a year, I finally unpacked all my old "stuff."
Here we were last winter, I couldn't get too excited about unpacking all my things and decorating for the holidays.  See what I mean about everything being the same color?  This was a wood burning fireplace and we had chopped wood for 35 years to keep 2 wood stoves going in our old house.  Hubby said no more, so we put in a gas burning fireplace and we LOVE it!

Now about that mantel.
I love those fireplaces with massive rustic timbers but I don't like the massive cost of the timbers.  We took apart this oak mantel, all it really was was several pieces of crown molding and trim nailed together.
Here's what we did: 
Built a box.
Covered ends with veneer. 
Sanded, distressed and stained.

Whoop!  I love my massive timber looking mantel and it only cost me about $40 

We spent only about $180 on the whole project but worked on it for weeks......

Stay tuned, next time I will show you the opposite wall, it has a quirky and rustic treatment.

Now you see why I have not been quilting? Yup...been busy.


Melzie Belle said...

WOW I can't believe it's the same brick! I had to scroll up and down to see if you changed/painted it too :) what a difference those changes made :)
xoxo melzie

BunkHouseQuilts said...

Well, me either, it was an amazing transformation. Thanks for looking and commenting.

Nancy said...

I love the changes and how you made the space "yours."

Looks very comfortable and welcoming. Nice job.


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