Sunday, January 20, 2013

Retro Western Baby Quilt

The lady that made this sweet baby quilt has a whole closet full of retro western fabrics.
This one is sweet:
She loves them, but she also likes modern quilting styles and patterns; knowing that, I went with this dual concept and here is what happened:

She made a single giant log cabin.
So, instead of doing an overall pattern, I decided to quilt each color section in a different way. 
Caramel-cream Minky on the back.
This is for a little cowgirl.  The sides will be bound with regular binding. The top and bottom edge will have picots/prarie points attached so I left a generous unquilted edge for her to fold over.

When I got done, I thought this lacy heart looked like an old fashioned valentine.

On the large section of blue fabric, I simply outlined the flowers and leaves.
Jumping from one petal to another, I could go all the way across the quilt without stopping.

In the largest block, I put a border "Catch that Horse" by Anne Bright.

How fun is that? Retro, Modern, Western and Minky.  Yum.


LynCC said...

That's some serious quilting! Way to go. :) Love those ponies, especially.

Nancy said...

What's not to love about this quilt - the fabric, the quilting, and the colors are great!

Alycia said...

I love it!! The back is so striking!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Lovely quilting!

Judiquilts said...

I love everything about it - the giant log cabin and the gorgeous quilting. Thankyou for the inspiration! Regards,

AnnieO said...

Wow, impressive! I think your quilting totally pushed this quilt further into the modern style the quilter wanted. It is too cute!


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