Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Snowman Quilt

It's the middle of June--and here in the mountains of Idaho, snow is predicted in the next 2 days....I think this Snowman Quilt is fitting for the weather report!~

I had oodles of fun quilting this quilt.

Lots of textures!  I used 3 colors of thread on the top: royal blue, putty, and khaki green.  Cream color on the back.

This was my first time to try McTavishing on a quilt.

Each block is quilted differently.

This is my favorite block.  I think these pebbles look just like a marshmallow explosion!

Cold, swirly, windy, wintry.....

Fractured ice or a frosty window?  This was my inspiration for this block.

More McTavishing.  This time in blue thread.

I decided not to compete with the tangled fishing line and did a simple cross hatch in the background.  (The rough spots on the black fishing line are simply an artifact of the light in the photo.)

There are a few traditional sections that give a nice contrast to quilt.

Each of these snow people are holding a cup of cocoa.  None of them spilled a drop!

The borders.

Finally, here is the back: a sparkly, frosty blue snowflake print.

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