Monday, August 2, 2010

Beach Quilt

....water, waves, tide pools, sand, shells, seahorses, the sun glinting off of the water, shades of shallow water, shades of deeper and deeper water, seaweed......
Inspiration: Pinwheel Cove by Theresa Eisinger
You can almost hear the waves crashing on the shore......
What? You can't hear it?
Maybe it's because you can't see it . . . yet . . .
 . . . follow me

This is a wedding quilt I made for a bride and groom who live on the Oregon coast.  This is the center block on the quilt....reminds me of mermaid's hair strewn with pearls.
Congratulations, Kyle and Jeri!

 The back

The side light makes it look purple but as you can see above, it's not.
This is actually 2 quilts in one since the back gives you a totally different look.

~Back to the beginning~

Here it was a small section of the quilt on the design wall.
  I printed out clip art, sized it to fit in the space and cut out the shells, etc.
Here are my paper models.
I used my west window like a light box.  After I pieced each block, I taped the pattern to the window and then taped the quilt block over it and and traced the shells.  Then I sewed all the blocks together.  When I got done, my quilt top was all marked.
You can barely see the blue markings in the white areas. is as close to stained glass as I will ever get.  I have some friends that do some awesome stained glass pieces, but I think I will stick to my needle and thread.

Floating along on the frame.

This was a really fun quilt: all batik fabrics.  I prewashed them and they feel really good, making this quilt soft and fluffy.


  1. This one is just gorgeous. Once again fabulous work.

  2. Ann, just saw your quilt on facebook & it led me here (thanks Mandy)! This is amazing! I have done one quilt in my life with my Grandma Campbell...good memories...hard work! That beach quilt is AMAZING! I love it! (love your blog too!)

  3. I live near the beach and anything that has a beach theme catches my eye.

    Lovely design and beautiful quilting designs


  4. Came here from Fb, too!!!! Your work is amazing!!! Question: in the white areas, did you use white thread in the bobbin, also??? I have a HQ Sweet Sixteen and most times I use the same color top & bottom, but not 100% of the time. I couldn't enlarge your photos enough to definitely see. You have captured the "seaside" feel perfectly!!! Love the pebbles!!! Hugs...............

  5. Thanks, I always use the same thread top and bottom. I used an off white, almost taupe color on this quilt.
    Thanks for stopping by and looking!

    I tried to reply back to your comment through email, but can't since you are a "no reply blogger" I hope you stop by again and find this reply.

  6. Simply gorgeous! As a lover the colors blue and green and anything to do with the ocean, I am in love with this quilt! Each block is stunning and the quilting... nothing but FABULOUS!!!



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