Thursday, February 2, 2012

Quilt of Valor

This is especially for a female veteran.
It will be sent to a group in NE New York that plan to have a summer retreat for Women Veterans who have suffered trauma from their Military service.

When I made this quilt, I didn't take a photo before it was washed.  It is quilted with stars and loops and it creates a nice crinkly texture.
Matching presentation case. 


  1. Great fabric choice on this one. I love how quilts crinkle after them have been laundered: it makes them more comforting.

  2. I love people who make a QOV. :D This one is gorgeous - one of those women will have her heart melted, for sure.

  3. Oh Ann, this one brought tears to my eyes!! It is so lovely! What a treasure for a special lady! Thank you for your great big heart!!!

  4. I'm with Nancy! I also love how quilts crinkle after they have been washed. You are my hero Ann!

  5. received the quilt today.... it is so, so beautiful... it will be a blessing to one of our women Veterans.... the QOV we award bring a special healing to those who have suffered trauma during their military service.. they feel the love that was sewn into them. Thanks you so much.



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