Thursday, March 8, 2012

Cowboy Sunset Wall Hanging #2

I made one of these for a benefit auction last November.  When the bidding was done I had a client ask me to make her one only a bit smaller.  Since I don't want to reinvent the wheel, the process, the products and the details about both of these projects can be found through this link to my old post:  Cowboy Sunset Wall Hanging #1

I considered stitching on the appliqued ground area to take out the gathered look, but I like the "sod" dimension it gives to the quilt.
Since I made the first wall hanging I have learned the correct method to attach a hanging sleeve.  I now use the method demonstrated by Bonnie Browning.

As with all my quilts-large and small-they get a good brushing with a lint roller before they leave the studio.


  1. Gorgeous!

    Hmm, it looks like I have been attaching hangers incorrectly to my quilts.

  2. Still amazing the second time around!! Minky backing???? LOL



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