Saturday, April 7, 2012

Ocean Tropics Quilt

Pattern inspiration: Pinwheel Cove by Theresa Eisinger

Yay!  I just got the binding on this quilt this afternoon!  It is a commissioned quilt for a couple that were married on the beach at Catalina Island.  I quilted a variety of ocean themed items in the cream colored centers: shells, star fish, sand dollars and 5 of the blocks have dolphins. 
They specifically wanted some dolphins because when they took the ferry over to the island for the ceremony, the dolphins were running out on the ocean quite close to the boat. 
Since I have been blogging about this quilt for a couple of months:
Info on the piecing progress can be found here.
Info on the design tracing can be found here.

Here is the last block ready to quilt this afternoon. 
I love how the pebbles make the design pop . . . and overall, the pebbles mimic the beach texture. 
When it is done, you just spray the blue markings with water and they disappear.  
Each pebble block took about 30 minutes to quilt.
There are 2 different dolphin designs.
Sand Dollar
Shells . . .

 . . . and my personal favorite--the seahorse.
The remainder of the quilt is simply quilted in a swirly-watery freehand design.
All the fabrics are batiks. The brown pinwheels represent little swirls of seaweed.
I LOVE the backing!
Such gorgeous color!
For large quilts I like to order "Fat Backs" from Christian Lane Quilters.
A Fat Back is one piece of fabric that is 108 x 117.  They also sell wide fabrics by the yard.
I'm not associated with them, just a satisfied customer.
It's ready to box up and ship . . . and I hate to see it go . . .


  1. the ocean quilting motifs.

  2. Just hopped over from Cottage tails. I love what you did with this quilt. I usually look at the fabrics, but here, the quilting is the star of the show. I'm sure the young couple concerned will just love it and it's set to become a family heirloom.

  3. Wow! This is an absolutely stunning quilt. I love the colors that are so like the sea. Your quilting designs are wonderful. The pebbles are just perfect and they provide a wonderful setting for each motif. Congratulations on a beautiful work of art.

  4. So lovely!! It's such a peaceful quilt!! Fabulous stitching!!

  5. This is a stunning quilt, and your attention to detail is amazing. The memories connected to the quilting make it more special for the couple. Thank you for sharing the background, the quilting process, and the finished quilt with us. It is truly beautiful.

  6. WOW! Beautiful quilting! Awesome :D

  7. Lovely! As usual, you did a wonderful job!



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