Saturday, August 4, 2012

Quilt of Valor #59 & #60

These 2 QOV tops were made by Fern from WA.
The big mixed color blocks are explosions of stars and ribbons...and provided my inspiration for this quilt.
Big swirling fireworks with a floating ribbon in the outer border.  Folded ribbon candy in the red border.


This quilt is mostly ruler work . . . 
. . . with spirals in the star centers and curls in the outer border. 
I love all the secondary patterns this quilt makes! 

Thanks Fern!


  1. THOSE look wonderful, Ann..thank you so much

  2. Two more wonderful works of art!

    Nice job, Ann and Fern

  3. It is so wonderful seeing LA work making our Quilts of Valor so special. Thank You Fern for your continued efforts for the Quilts of Valor Foundation and Thank You Ann for the beautiful "icing on the cake". These truly are QOV's which honor and comfort our warriors touched by war.

  4. I really love the quilting you did on both of these...

  5. LOVE both of those! are there patterns? I'm sure I could figure them out, but a pattern would be simpler.



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