Saturday, April 6, 2013

Brown and Blue

This is a sweet little baby quilt by Lacey.

Squares are quilted with a different take on the Terry Twist.  You can quilt back and forth all across the quilt with these little curly twists. Here's the stitching sequence: starting in the tan block on the left bottom corner, head right, up, down the left side of the blue, head right on blue and so on.  When you get to the end of a row, you simply make your way back to the left quilting all the top twists.  If you sequenced it correctly at the end of the row, you could continuously quilt the whole top. 

On the back, you can see 2 different secondary patterns.
This lily-like flower. . .  
and this rose-like shape. 

To compliment, I did freehand curlicues on the outer borders. 
Dark chocolate minky on the back 
The total package~ 
Thanks Lacey, for sending me so many fun and cute tops to quilt~


  1. Hi Ann, I must confess, I've been reading and LOVING all your posts, but for some reason, blogger or my computer wouldn't let me leave a comment - but I'm here today!! OOOO a dark chocolate cloud!!! What wonderful projects you've been working on! I'm venturing more and more into FMQ, so love your wonderful patterns and tips!!! gonna try this one soon!!!

    Hope all is well for you in your new home! Do you miss Idaho? I know I sure missed the mountains when I left Wyoming.


  2. Love those fabrics as well and excellent FMQ.



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