Tuesday, October 22, 2013

October Wall Hanging

Well, I just realized I had not posted photos of my October wall hanging.  I finished it up the last week in September and have been so busy remodeling the house and painting I forgot.

This was another fun wall hanging for my Mom. She laughed when I showed her this scruffy, long legged cat.  I'll be the first to admit that he is strange one, but makes this a fun, fantasy folk art piece.  I would not use wool strips for the "whiskers" again, but it was part of the kit.
When I showed the top to my daughter, she suggested I do ghosts, webs, etc in the sky.  Dang, I never thought of that....I had already done a quick blowin' in the wind background.

Here is is hanging on the background on her door. 
Have a Spooky Halloween!


  1. Cute Oct wall hanging. I still think Sept is my favorite. Miss your post and hope all is well in Ohio.

  2. Love the lanky cat and pumpkin - each banner becomes a new favorite of mine.

  3. He's a cutie! I think his whiskers are funny! I've never worked with wool before.



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