Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Let it Snow!

I have been raking leaves, cleaning out my garden and getting my yard ready for winter.  Lovely fall weather we had had too!  This morning, I had my coffee on the deck at 66 degrees.  Then I went down to the studio and played in the snow!!
Hot Cocoa Club by Pearl Louise

I have had this quilt on the back burner for a client of mine for several months.  She told me there was no hurry, but I decided to get it done for her before winter set in and will send it off tomorrow so she can get it bound.

I had so much fun quilting all these different blocks, I hated for it to end.

 Different quilt patterns in each of the sky I tried to convey a lazy, languid sky.

...this block needed a wind-blowing-in-my face-hope-I-don't-spill-my-cocoa sky.

This fisherman block was where I tried something new.  I marked a random off-center point on his inner shoulder and pivoted my ruler on that point at 1/2 increments all around the block.  I love this look and will use it again sometime.
Here is a close up of the backing--a frosty, glittery fabric with snowflakes swirls. 


  1. BEAUTIFUL quilt! Beautifully pieced and QUILTED! She will love what you have done.

  2. So many fun details (I especially like the igloo) to look at. An excellent job!

  3. How cute. Snowmen always melt my heart, just love them. Love all of your background fills.

  4. Always such a challenge to come up with ways to "fill"...great job!!!

  5. How fun that must have been. I love all the different fills. The one that radiates from the center is awesome. I adore the checkerboard fill. And the snowflakes with the loops was super cute. Oh heck, I just loved them all!!! What a treasure this will for many Winter's to come.



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