Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Quilt of Valor #64

Here is a second Quilt of Valor top pieced by Judy in Newark, OH.

I did a freehand swirl all over the top...lots of patriotic fabrics here...
I used gold thread because it plays nice with all colors of fabric.

She pieced a surprise backing that I love!
This is going to be perfect for a Veteran who is/was a pilot.

  She pieced this panel into the center of her backing and it has pictures of bomber planes.
With a back like that, this quilt really is 2 quilts in one.  It was fun to be her partner on this QOV.  I got it in the mail tonight..."winging" its way back to her so she can get it bound and ready to present.


  1. The swirls are perfect for this QOV. I love the panel on the back - definitely two quilts in one.

  2. Beautiful quilting and lovingly pieced.



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