Thursday, March 19, 2015

Purple Daisies

I just finished up this classic embroidery top today for a lady just put into Hospice care. I got the quilt in the mail yesterday, stitched up the top panels, cut and stitched the backing, quilted it, bound it and boxed it for the mail. 
I remember my Mom sitting in the evenings, hand embroidering tops like this. These are the tops that are pre-marked with little blue dots in addition to the embroidery pattern. You can't iron the top or it will set the ink and the dots will never wash out. These were made by "Hershners." They are still in business, but they don't make these tops, I guess they are collector's quilts now.

I find is very hard to quilt on the dotted line.

I just love all these purple daisies.  What a lot of work!

The purple backing and binding is the perfect compliment to this top!


  1. beautiful! I bet it is difficult to stay on the dots.

  2. Beautiful quilt with love in every stitch.

    My mother embroidered a tablecloth and napkin set for me from Hershners. Lewards was another craft company at that time.

  3. Lovely quilt. I've seen a few of the tops around, but, I didn't figure I'd ever finish them, so, I passed them by.

  4. Beautiful quilt! I can't do embroidery, but I appreciate seeing it on quilts, handkerchiefs, wall hangings, pillowcases, dishcloths, etc.



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