Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Cheater Cloth

So, when I cleaned out my studio, I rediscovered 3 cheater cloth panels that had been given to me years go. 

I decided I would use them for practice and make them into charity quilts.  After recovering from an injury to my hand, I had not quilted or sewed much for over a year....yes, I needed the practice for my muscle memory.  

I added a couple of borders and this 46 x 48 size was a quick quilt to complete.
Notice how much green is in this fabric?

Using white thread, I quilted around each pattern, no rulers....all freehand.
Notice how the red dominates this fabric?

I pieced this pale blue backing from some 36" vintage fabric I found.  I was determined to use whatever vintage fabric I had in my stash. I probably wouldn't have ever chosen this blue backing, but in the end, I really like it....a refreshing surprise.

Wow, notice all the blue in this fabric?

The binding is made from a piece of 36" vintage fabric also. 

In contrast with today's fabrics, this selvage is almost negligible.

Here's the quilting pattern on the back.

The blue and green help to balance all the red.
Interesting...I learn something every day.



  1. Excellent quilting! I just used some of my cheater cloth for backings. I'm taking a ruler class in July, and will use more of it for practice then.

  2. Oooh, I love this quilt. Nice job.

    Cheater fabrics are fun to play with once in awhile.



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