Monday, February 21, 2011

Grandmother's Quilts #4

Grandmother's quilts continued . . .
Both of these are unquilted tops.  The Grandmother's Flower Garden was hand pieced by my grandmother.

This is almost a queen sized quilt. 
It is in almost pristine condition.  I have debated for years: should I quilt it or not.  As you can see it is not quilted.  I like to be able to see all the tiny perfect stitches on the back.  If I quilt it I will lose that . . . so it remains as is.
There are several blocks that have interesting fabrics.  The brown plaid and the center plaid have silver threads running through the fabric.  The cream color is silk.
The centers of the flowers in the next 5 photos are silk.
Tiny, robust stitching.

See those little knots?  I remember my grandmother teaching me to roll the thread around my index finger to make a tiny knot.  I think about her neat little knots when I make a rather loopy and untidy knot.  I am still aspiring to make mine better. 

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