Sunday, February 27, 2011

Upgrades are always nice~!

My sister was visiting me here in Idaho couple of weeks ago.  She lives in Pennsylvania and we don't see each other very often.  When I took her over to my studio, she noticed that I was using an old selvage trimming for a lanyard.  I like to wear my little snippy scissors around my neck so they are always at hand--no matter where I am in the studio.

Now, what is wrong with this? . . . it functions well.
Hmmm . . . this does look nice.
She graduated from the University of Idaho (the Vandals.)  During her visit here to Idaho, she met up with 3 girlfriends from her college days in the 80's.  She also visited the campus book store and picked up some U of I shirts to take back with her.  She must have felt sorry for me because she bought me this nice little black lanyard with a soft knit webbing . . .
 . . . and a retractable extension.  I love it!

New Apron. New Lanyard.
My girlfriend stitched this embroidery on this apron for a gift exchange with a group of friends.  I just happened to receive it and I love it too!
I want to be just like Maxine when I grow up~!

Oh . . .

 . . .yes, I do have a tree in the middle of my studio.
When we remodeled the building, we took out all the interior walls and put this old tree in to hold up the beam. It makes a great central location to hang my apron, measuring tapes and scissors.  It also makes a great conversation piece.

For more studio pictures, you can look "Behind the Green Door" on my Home page.

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  1. Ann, I always love reading your posts! Maxine is my hero too, she always makes me giggle!



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