Monday, February 21, 2011

Grandmother's Quilts

These quilted treasures were in my grandmother's house.  Here is a photo of her about 1912.  She had flaming red hair.  My dad had red hair, it skipped a generation and was then passed on to my son . . . but I digress from the story I wanted to share.
Bulah Genevra Shuping c. 1912

I have these quilts hanging on in my living room and enjoy them every day.
This quilt is made from men's wool suits.
You can see that this top was pieced in three distinct sections. 
The backing is a cotton flannel-type fabric that was once a medium blue. 
All the pieces are sewn by machine and the seams were covered by decorative hand stitching.  Then the quilt was tied with cotton yarn.
This piece had been darned.
Under this tear, you can see that the batting is encased in a cheese cloth-type loosely woven fabric. 
There is a small tear on the back.  The exposed batting is cotton wadding similar to the vintage batting seen at Kentucky Primitives.

At 72 x 63, this quilt is very heavy weighing in at just over 8 lbs. 

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  1. That is really interesting, and it's still in remarkably good shape for its age. Hey, do you think the scraps may have been foundation pieced onto the thinner fabric underneath? Maybe that's why it was done in sections too? Anyway, I enjoyed seeing this.



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