Sunday, March 17, 2013

Beach Bum!

This was super fun to quilt!
My niece made this crib quilt for her new baby boy.
She had me do the binding also.  I don't get to see the bound and finished quilt very often.
Doesn't this plaid fabric really set off this little quilt? 
She had me quilt on the raw edge appliques so they will fringe when it is washed.
Kite tails blowing willy-nilly, the ocean, the waves and the beach sand/pebbles.
Even the shark is cute~

Gray minky on the back.
This photo is a true color.  I love it!


  1. That's so adorable! I love that fabric collection. The quilting is fabulous.

  2. It really is adorable.

    I'm curious. What is the significance of the numbers?

  3. That's an adorable quilt. I love how you quilted it.What do the numbers represent?

  4. What a cute quilt. Beautifully quilted, too.

  5. For those who have asked, the numbers are significant numbers/dates for the couple. What a sweet idea~

  6. OK, that is a super fun quilt, and your quilting is really complementary!



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