Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Work in Progress

I have a few WIPs going on:

1) As you can see, the Crown Royal quilt is still in the infant stage (lots more completed blocks in a box).
2) Some 9 patch blocks that will be part of a fun little baby quilt (blog to come this week).
3) Finished wall hanging that I will blog about April 1
4) Um....can't remember what that star is for....I think it might just be a decoration.

Here are a few of the "up next" April customer quilts queued on this ladder.  Don't worry, I have all the intake sheets pinned to the other side of the quilt so I know who's is who's.  I often get my inspiration for a certain quilt as I walk by each day and look at all these wonderful tops!

I like to have a quilt on the frame and one that I am piecing.  This way, if I get tired of one I can switch. 

I can also say that I LOVE having my studio in my basement so I can head down anytime of day or night to work on a project. 
Door to studio in Ohio

When we lived in Idaho, my studio was in a separate building (which I absolutely loved)  I just didn't love shoveling my way back and forth all winter to get there.  I had a curfew too--couldn't be out wandering around in a blizzard at 11 o'clock at night.
Door to studio in Idaho


  1. Love your ladder queue! Yeah, I also keep one quilt in the quilting station and something at the piecing station - I totally get the need to switch back and forth. :D

  2. A quilter should never have to shovel her way to and from the studio! ;oD

    Glad that you don't need a curfew anymore.



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