Friday, June 7, 2013

Hands 2 Help Charity Challenge

Thanks to Sarah for reminding me to link up with her for a display of all the charity quilts this year.

H2H 2013 logo

Here is the link for the party: Time to show off your quilts.

My quilt was completed and sent to Happy Chemo.

 Freehand funky flowers.
 I hope it brighten's someone's day when they are having their chemo treatments.


  1. How could it fail to? It's gorgeous - and I love that quilting design! I may give that one a try myself!! Thank you so much for participating in the challenge this year!!

  2. WOW! That was free hand quilting? Beautiful. The back is a pretty as the front. It is really going to brighten someones day!

  3. Those free hand feathers are wonderful. How do you do them so big freehand? I can do freehand but not that big.



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