Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Matching Quilts

My sweet customer sent me a large quilt made from a layer cake . . .
. . . and a matching small one made with charms.

The backing was a huge length of minky so I calculated the best way to quilt it making sure there was enough length for both quilts.  I wanted to make one cut, sew one seam in the minky and put it on the frame once.

Here's how all that came together.  With Minky you have to put a seam parallel to the roller bar or you are going to have huge problems with the backing sagging. (I prefer to mount all backings with the seam parallel to the roller.)
I put the large quilt on sideways and when I finished it, I floated the small quilt underneath and against the right edge. This left a really nice chunk of minky she can use for another quilt.

In keeping with the geometrical fabrics, this large one was quilted with a freehand topographical spiral meander. 
 Grey Minky backing.
 The small baby quilt received freehand also with light custom quilting. 

 Both of them have these wonderful modern colors.


  1. Two simple yet attractive quilts. Nice job!

  2. Good to see a post from you. Both quilts turned out great. I really like the smaller one. You must be enjoying your new home. Probably a little culture shock, but good to see you're still quilting.

  3. Those are so pretty -- I love the quilting on both.



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