Thursday, August 1, 2013

August Wall Hanging

Watermelon and crows?  Well, yeah, it kind of grows on you.

When I first started on this I thought about changing this pattern (by Joined at the Hip,) but then I decided it was so different, I would go ahead and use it for August.Now that I have all those watermelon seeds appliqued (all 30 of them!) I like it!
It was this darned crow that I was not sure about...

Once again, I searched through my scraps and used up more of my reds and some odd greens.  I really like how using what you have makes the applique' unique.  If I were to go shopping for fat quarters for this, I would likely have chosen something very different; but, my scrap stash is -ahem- bulging and it's all about using it up, right?



  1. That turned out really cute and using stash fabric is like making it for free (well sort of)!

  2. Lovely and something to "crow" about!

  3. This is so cute! Love the colors.



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