Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Joyful Tossed Posies

What a joyful, sunny and fun quilt to have on my frame!
Just the kind of quilt for a cold, snowy January... 
There are some really cool retro fabrics in this quilt and a few blocks of chenille for fun texture.  I traced the the applique shapes and used the flowers in a few of the blocks:
I used this flower shape . . . 
. . . in a few of these blocks.
I quilted this large appliqued flower in all the other square blocks:
The big square chenille blocks have a pumpkin seed pattern, that way I could use a ruler to help hold the thick fabric in place to quilt. 
The blocks are all stitched in the ditch and the remaining have wavy lines to mimic the rick rack. 
Continuous line freehand leaves in the inner border.
I used So Fine "Celery" by Superior threads.  With a black backing and so many colors,  really blends well and is not a stark as white on the back.
What a fun assortment of textures, fabrics, colors and posies~


  1. I love the fabrics in this quilt. I's beautifully quilted, too. You have been busy. Wonderful job.

  2. Between the fabrics and your quilting, it is a "happy" quilt. I love it.

  3. That is a joyful quilt Ann! Happy New Year

  4. I love what you have done with this quilt. You make it so special! I still can't believe it's mine! Wow you made it "POP". Great job Ann!



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