Saturday, March 6, 2010

Forest Sampler Quilt

For the past week, this quilt has graced my frame. Every time I walked into the studio—there it was, flowing over my quilting frame, straight and lovely, showing off it’s beautiful piecing and yummy fabrics. I wish it did not have to go home.   *sigh*

I took some photos in the early morning sunshine.

Center of quilt.




My ironing table is where the morning sun shines through the glass door.

Front corner
Back Corner

I often machine bind quilts for customers.  I have some customers that always have me bind their quilts.  I never hand sew bindings---even for myself.  I think the last hand sewn binding I did was back in 2005.  I sew the binding on the wrong side of the quilt, turn it to the top and topstitch it down, catching the backing all in one pass.  I use my old well-loved Bernina virtuosa 163.

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