Saturday, March 13, 2010

Brown/Cream Sampler

This delightful sampler was quilted with Sew Fine threads: brown and cream.  I used the cream on the back and changed back and forth between the two colors for the light and dark areas on the top.  The batting is 100% Cotton-Warm and Natural.  Backing fabric is unbleached muslin.  After it is washed, it will crinkle up and look just like it came out of Grandma's closet!

Close up of center
I did a feather meander to fill up the wide brown border and I think it looks like it came from another era.

Close up of outer border

Center closeups 

Inner border

It was a little tricky getting the tension just right so I could use the brown thread on top in the darker areas and not have it show on the backing.  It turned out pretty well.

I hope I get to see it after it's bound and washed~

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