Thursday, September 1, 2011

Wedding Quilt

My customer is making this quilt for her niece's wedding.  The size is 99 x 99, so these sixteen blocks are each 19 inches square.  Her piecing was perfect and her quilt is perfectly square. often have I wished that I had larger blocks to quilt?

Well, I found out that it is really challenging to quilt large blocks without breaking them down into smaller spaces.  
After listening to my client, here is what I came up with:

The curved lines in the brown flow clockwise and the floral design in the green curve counter clockwise.  With my favorite school chalk, I chalked in arrows to remind me which way I was going in each block, because I could only get half a pinwheel in my quilting area.  Still, I would head off in the wrong direction more than once!
There is a secondary feathery windmill in the blue background.
The 10 inch border is a large open freehand swirly floral to match the blocks.
She chose washable wool batting and this quilt is just as soft and cuddly as can be~!


  1. Just beautiful! Thanks for all the tips. Would you mind sharing where you purchase your templates and panographs?

  2. Your quilting is amazing! The next quilt that I make that needs quilting like the above, I'd love to hire you! Beautiful!

  3. just gorgeous, how many quilting hours???



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