Saturday, September 3, 2011

Quilt of Valor

This top was made by two ladies in Wyoming.
One did the embroidered blocks and the other did the piecing.
 There are 5 awesome embroidered blocks in the center.
The there were 3 flanges inserted into the outer borders.  As the quilting "shrinks" the fabric, the flanges tend to ruffle.  When quilting, I just tape the flanges back with a 12 inch piece of wide blue painter's tape and just move this along as I move the quilt.  I always keep a roll of painter's tape handy in my studio!    
Stars with ribbon streamers fill this area . . . 
  . . . one ribbon continues all the way up the side border.
It always makes my day to have finished another QOV!


Desley said...

Lovely quilt, and your quilting is perfect for it.

LynCC said...

Nice quilting job!


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