Friday, February 21, 2014

New Socks!

Oh my gosh, I was excited to get today's mail and find this wonderful gift from my friend Nancy in Wyoming!
Besides making Quilts of Valor, she is a prolific knitter and makes little knitted blankets for babies in need.  I had commented on one of her blog posts showing several pair of knitted socks she had made.  I innocently mentioned that that is one thing I have never had nor made (I don't knit at all!).  Soon, she sent me an e-mail asking me what color and size....

Now, you have to know that Nancy and I have never met.  When I lived in Idaho, I quilted a few of her Quilts of Valor... ...and they are amazing by the way...
I helped her to learn how to bind her quilts.  
We have remained in touch and follow each other's blog. 

I am totally thrilled with my luscious purple socks!!  
 Thank you Nancy, from the bottom of my heart!

QOV Quilters!  They are the best people on the planet~


  1. I follow. Nancy's blog too. You are indeed lucky to receive some of her beautiful socks.
    I'm turning pea green with envy.


  2. You are very welcome, and I hope you enjoy wearing them.



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