Sunday, March 10, 2019

Rescue Quilts, continued

I rescued this Bazooples fabric at a garage sale last summer and have made it into 2 quilts.
 Pretty fun fabrics here.

 This first quilt was made from a single piece of fabric in the center and that set the tone for the size and use of the rest of the fabrics.  I had just enough white to put in a border and also use it for the  backing.  There was a lot of the blue stripe for the second border and to piece the backing.

 Lots of fun creatures to look at on this little quilt.

Quilt number 2 made use of all the pieces left over from the remaining scraps.  I needed a sashing and a border and went shopping in my stash and couldn't seem to find the right blue, the right pink or the right yellow.

 Surprise, surprise . . . here was a matching green that was perfect. 

Since I had oodles of the blue stripe, I was able to made bias binding for both quits.  I love bias stripes.

I added the last piece of Minky from a bolt I had on the shelf. 
 It dresses it up a bit.



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