Sunday, March 10, 2019

Rescue Quilts

Rescue Quilts? Yes, I rescued these fabrics from a garage sale table.

Here's a PSA to ya'll.

Use your fabric!
Don't just buy it and pet it.  Make something for someone: family, friends, charity, veterans or donate it to charities that do make quilts.  If you don't use it, your stash will be going to the curb someday--piled on your kid's garage sale table where someone like me (that really needs to use up her own stash first 😏) will buy it and make quilts.

Too cute to cut, so I just kept it whole and put some pink flannel on the back, then dressed it up with a fleece binding.

 Another cute yardage I kept whole
 Quilted with yellow flannel and matching binding.

Now this fabric has a purpose . . .
 . . . both flannels and fleece came directly from my stash. 

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