Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Green Puppy Pads

Farmers and ranchers have always been the "greenest" folks around.  Having grown up on a ranch/farm, I learned to recycle decades before it became fashionable.  Our parents were raised during the Depression and nothing was wasted:  it was used up, re-purposed, redesigned, or simply saved for a future use.

Anytime I need to practice a pattern or design, I throw a piece of muslin (or an old sheet) on the quilting frame.  Along with my leftover bobbin colors, I top it with some pesky maroon thread that I accidentally ordered 2 of a couple of years ago.  It is a good way to use up all my batting scraps also.   

After all the doodling is done, I cut up the practice piece, serge the edges and wash them.  I save these up until I get a nice bunch and then I drop them off at the Humane Society.
Some lonely doggie or kitty will have a nice soft pad to sleep on.

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