Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Movie Night~!

This fun little quilt certainly isn't PC it today's world, but who wants to snack on veggies when they are curled up on the couch with their favorite movie?
Let's see, there's chocolate chip cookies, potato chips, red licorice, jelly beans, popcorn . . 
  . . . fries, jelly donuts, mixed hard candy . . . 
 . . pixie Straws make up the border . . .
 . . . cupcakes, M&M's and my personal favorite--chocolates! 
I have been waiting for the perfect quilt to use the design "Pizzazz" by Kristin Hoftyzer.
By making this quilt 60 inches wide, I could use one solid length of cream Minky for the backing.  60 x 84. Just right for 2 people to curl up on the couch.  This is for my great-niece who is getting married in June.
I always put a label on personal quilts I make.  I always give my quilts a "name."

~Movie Night!~
umm . . . refreshments not included.

Edited to say that I will be joining Sarah at her "Can I Get A Whoop Whoop Friday" party and linking up at Confessions of a Fabric Addict.  If you have something to share, be sure to join in by linking up!  See Whoop Whoop button on the right column.


  1. Found you through H2H that Sarah is sponsoring. Glad to meet you. Love your quilts and quilting they are beautiful. I recently purchased a HQ16. What machine do you have to quilt? Maybe sometime along the way you can give me some pointers.

  2. Hi Ann! I just found your blog throught the H2H swap....love it! I signed up to follow and see what quilty things you are doing! Looking forward to seeing everyone's progress, and I'll have your fabrics in the mail as soon as possible!
    Jacque in SC

  3. I've never been much for PC and I love your quilt! The quilting is wonderful:)

  4. I love your quilt! All of my favorite things.... Funny, though, I have a bunch of fruit and veggie prints that I've been waiting to use, and this pattern might be perfect for a picnic quilt using them!! Whoop whoop!!

    PS I'm so happy to see that some of the H2Hers are checking in to your blog!

  5. That is such a fun quilt - perfect for movie night (hold the carrot sticks)!

  6. Great quilt! I love all the fun food prints!

  7. Whoop, Whoop! And yumm-o!! Love the quilt, and the quilt is perfect.

  8. Did you have any issues using the minky as a back on your frame? I'd like to try it myself. And I love the quilt!!! Candies have just got to make you smile, don't they?



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