Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring Colors~!

This fabric certainly looks like spring doesn't it?
It's going to be a pinwheel quilt.

Been working on this all week and I only have bout 20 inches left to go.  I will get it finished today!  Well, not bound, but off the frame.  Yay~!
I quilt until my lines get wobbly and then I know it's time to trade off and piece for awhile.  I have learned that I am more productive when I don't push myself to keep quilting.  It takes forever to unpick a mistake-so I take a break.
Here is another little top I pieced this week, while on break.
This is a small NICU size top (30x30) for Quilts for Kids.

1 comment:

  1. Good for you that the finish line is so close with that quilt!! Yay!!! for you! I really like the little one too. Very subdued but elegant. Did you notice that the white stars line up in the 3 diagonal star blocks. Very nice. Here in Ottawa,Canada they want NICU quilts to be 24" squ.



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