Tuesday, April 15, 2014

More Vintage Blocks Finished!

Well, it's a quilt now and I am excited to see how it worked out.
I had several goals with this quilt:
1) To preserve this lady's 6 surviving blocks from vintage fabrics and make sure the blocks themselves were not altered from her original work.  
2) Somehow use up her collection of 4 patch blocks (that didn't match anything) in the same quilt.
3) To make this really simple quilt rock with some interesting quilting...nothing traditional.
4) This is for her grandson for his wedding...he and his fiance are ranch kids.
4) To only use what was in my stash.
Goal #1

Goal #2 The back

Goal #3 & 4

Goal #5  Everything but her blocks were from my stash of fabric and thread.

Would I have ever picked out all this for a quilt?  Not in a million years.
But...I think it's a great save for this lady's blocks to be passed on to her grandson.


Judy MacLeod said...

OMG! It's gorgeous!!!! You surpassed your goals.

Nancy said...

The young man and his new wife are going to love this and treasure it. They got two quilts in one!

Alycia said...

Success!!! That will be a treasured item in that household - definitely!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

You did a great job. They can even use it as a two sided quilt. Great quilting, too!

Diane E W said...

Just awesome!!! you cease to amaze me with your quilting. I had my doubts when you first showed these blocks but as usual you made an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan. It is a life long treasure.

Anonymous said...

I wondered where you went- havent seen you on facebook much. Now I know why.. Love reading your blog.. I forgot you were involved with THE BUNKHOUSE. Terry B.


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