Thursday, April 5, 2018

I Have Learned....

Working on my reverse Arkansas Crossroad quilt for my

Some of it I like and some I don't like.

I learned not to put a patch of contrast next to darker greens. I can use it in the HST....i think. It's all I can see when I look at these blocks!

I have learned not to put lighter fabrics in like this, they fade into the neutral area and I lose the "contact points" of the yellow color that needs to flow from one block to another. I don't want my colored X blocks to stop and start, they need to flow all the way across the quilt.

I have learned that I will need sharper contrast in my 4 patch centers to create the flow of the blue through the purple.  This center is too muddy.

Will I pick out the offending colors and redo these blocks?
No way!
I will just these blocks on the quilt back.

I have learned to assemble the blocks like this: sew the rectangle base together for the flying geese, press open and then make them in a conventional way. 

Because of this, I make the 4 patch, attach the 2 geese and then sew these 3 sections together.  This way I get nice sharp points.

I do like how the neutral 16 patch center looks.

I think it will go fast now that I have figured out some guidelines for myself.

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  1. Awesome tips....this one has to go on my list to make with my scraps.



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