Monday, April 2, 2018

Rustic Flannel

Design wall Monday is a carry over from last week.

I have had a couple yards of this richly colored cabin-in-the-woods, rustic flannel for about 8 years.  I decided to make it into a quilt.  I also had a couple yards each of the other complimentary fabrics--the pine cone and the plaid. 

 I love plaids, but they drive me crazy! 

I cut these borders on the lengthwise grain and cut each one individually to get the plaids straight.  I can't let them be wonky....I just can't. To avoid the plaids meeting in the corners, I found a nice blue flannel left over from one of my hubby's flannel shirts for the corner stones and interior border.

 See this nice blue 2 inch border?
See that lighter blue shirt in the middle?
They match!

It has progressed from the design wall to the frame...

I just happen to have a whole bolt of this deep red, leafy, 108" wide backing that works great with this quilt.
More later...

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