Sunday, October 31, 2010

Another Baby Quilt~

Well, I am finally caught up with all my customers cute baby quilts.  This is the third time this year I have quilted this particular quilt pattern for a customer--must have been a popular kit or a class project.  It's a fun top to quilt.

 Minky on the back.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Little Cowboy/Girl Quilts

Some little buckaroo will be warm and snugly in these two quilts.

 Minky on the back.
Retro cowboy prints.

The quilting doesn't show up well on the top, but on the back you can find:
 . . .boots
 . . . hats
. . . broncs 
 . . . and sadles

This is simply 3 panels of fabric making a great utility quilt for taking the babies out and about on the ranch.
Pebbly Minky on the back 
More Cowboy fabric. 

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Whole Cloth Floral Baby Quilt

This is a neat idea for a quick quilt. 
These are funky flowers -- I just outlined them in the same fashion. 
Textured Light Green Minky for the back. 
This quilt is really soft and cuddly!

Retro Cowboys and Bandanna Print

 The center squares are red and brown Minky.
You can't see it from the front but it's quilted with ponies, lassos, and stars.
Minky Back 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Baby Quilt

I get to quilt the most fun little quilts!~

Freehand flowers and swirls.
I have a few customers that always have me do their bindings.  I love to have photos with the bindings done.
Pebbly Minky on the back. 

Monday, October 25, 2010

More Fleece

The cold weather is here and customers are thinking about warm and toasty blankets for winter.


Friday, October 8, 2010

Sunflowers and Blue Jeans

I made this for my daughter-in-law.  She is a soccer mom.  Literally.  They have 2 daughters playing in soccer tournaments this weekend: five soccer games.  Since I have to ship this, she won't get this quilt until next week.  Just in time for the next chilly weekend weather in Ohio.
Six and 8 inch strips from denim pants. 
 Here are the sunflowers.  I love this funky freehand design.

 Flannel Back (not a true color--I ran out of sunlight)
True color
Bright yellow thread. 
Their school colors are blue and gold.
  I think it will show up just fine from across the field!

Look what I found this morning!

The view from our back yard this morning.

~Black Pine Mountain~

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Indiana Quilts of Valor

I received these two QOV tops from a group in Columbus, Indiana. 

Pieced by Rebekah Coffman of Seymour, IN

Their story is interesting and I want to share a brief sketch with you~

Kathy Fruhner, who co-leads this group wrote:
"There are about a dozen gals from "thirty something" to age 95 working on tops as well as one man from our church who wants to learn to quilt and comes from time to time.  Since we started in April '05 we have completed 1,785 tops . . . in May we had a display of 169 completed QOVs at the church where we meet to work. We sent 15 to a program for returning Vets at the VA in Little Rock and 30 to a program for women Vets with PTSD at the VA in Albuquerque . . . we also delivered 122 to the VA Hospital in Marion, IN where they have a very active program for wounded and traumatized service persons."


So . . . I popped up my calculator and crunched 1,785 quilt tops in 5 years . . .

Do you realize that averages out to almost one top per day??

Pieced by Pat Richey of Columbus, IN

The colored strips are quilted with a continuous curve. 
  This creates a secondary pattern framing the feathers.  You can see it on the back. 
Now, you can see it on the front . . .  
Your eye focuses on the colored strips and not at the line where they meet the white strips.  Interesting.
Thanks ladies for your service.


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