Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sweet Applique' #6

I quilted until I ran out of thread last night....took that as a sign to call it a day. I need to wind a few more bobbins this morning as I only have one spool of this color thread left (more ordered and on the way).
See all those empty pegs toward the bottom of my thread rack?  That's where all my neutrals are and they are thinning out fast.  Cotton threads on the top by Signature.  Polyester threads by Superior fill the bottom half.  Oh, and the very top row is there all my serger threads hang out.  I make all my hubby's flannel shirts with my serger.  I think that deserves it's own blog post someday.
120 spool thread rack hand made by my hubby.
I always order at least 2 cones of each color so I have one for the bobbin winder and one to leave on the machine.  I know, some of you are thinking why I don't get the prewound bobbins....because I like to match my threads for each quilt and it only takes a few minutes to wind a few bobbins.  While they are winding, I oil and clean my machine, rails, table and surrounding area.

Anyhow, on to the quilt at hand...
I finished  up the 2 matching blocks that flank the center medallion:

Center of the quilt

Now, I am quilting in the backfill on the feathers around all 8 of these gold colored setting triangles's snowing again today...

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Sweet Applique' #5

This morning was a finish for 2 blocks like this:
I always have to take a photo from the bottom to make sure I have not missed a line of stitching somewhere.
It's a lot easier to fix now than after the quilt is off the frame!  However, I have done that more than once.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Sweet Applique' #4

There are several different sets of blocks in the center of this quilt.  They are all in identical sets of 2.  Once I figured out what I was going to do in each block and did the first one, the second one was fast. I didn't have to waste any staring-at-the-quilt-and-doodling-on-paper time. 

So, for today, there are 2 of these done:

And 2 of these done:

I now have the whole quilt stabilized and can roll it back and forth to finish up all the background fills.
Next will be to finish up the bottom border and the top and bottom inner borders.
Then I plan to turn the quilt to do the side borders. 

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sweet Applique' #3 medallion is done....

Sweet Applique" #2

Top and bottom borders are done and center of quilt are all stabilized.  SID is all done.
Now for the fun part...
Working on the background fillers today.

Friday, February 21, 2014

New Socks!

Oh my gosh, I was excited to get today's mail and find this wonderful gift from my friend Nancy in Wyoming!
Besides making Quilts of Valor, she is a prolific knitter and makes little knitted blankets for babies in need.  I had commented on one of her blog posts showing several pair of knitted socks she had made.  I innocently mentioned that that is one thing I have never had nor made (I don't knit at all!).  Soon, she sent me an e-mail asking me what color and size....

Now, you have to know that Nancy and I have never met.  When I lived in Idaho, I quilted a few of her Quilts of Valor... ...and they are amazing by the way...
I helped her to learn how to bind her quilts.  
We have remained in touch and follow each other's blog. 

I am totally thrilled with my luscious purple socks!!  
 Thank you Nancy, from the bottom of my heart!

QOV Quilters!  They are the best people on the planet~

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Sweet Applique'...

Here is a little peek at my customer quilt I am just starting to work on....
Lovely needle turn applique~

Stay tuned for more as I work on this beauty...


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