Tuesday, October 24, 2017


This cute pattern is "Remember 'Whoo' Loves You" by Brenda Riddle with Acorn Quilt and Gift Co.

I "shopped" my stash for all the fabrics.

Some I was able to fancy cut.

I made this for a special friend who is having a little boy in December.

Minky on the back.

It is really soft and cuddly. 

Friday, August 18, 2017

Ohio University Quilt - Done!

Just in the nick of time!
The caravan leaves in the morning to take my granddaughter back to OU for her sophomore year.

When you use square pattern like a Carpenter Star and need an extra-long twin for the dorm...

...you start adding borders!

 I bought a t-shirt from the OU Bookstore and used it for the center logo.
 Love how the forest green fabric matched!

After some deliberation in my fabric stash of backings, 
she picked out a bolt of beige Minky for the backing.

How fun is this?

Makes me want to head back to school too!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Ohio University

I am working on this fun quilt for my granddaughter for her sophomore year at Ohio University.

Their colors are forest green and white.

I just ordered a men's t-shirt from her book store for the logo she wanted.
I was able to cut it to use for the center block.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Just Take 2 Pieces of Fleece. . .

I made this quick little throw for my granddaughter to take back to college next month.
Her school colors are green and white.
It has a fleece binding also.
It makes these blankets super soft and cuddly.

You can go Here to see how I make a fleece binding.

Just 2 yards of each color quilted together with no batting, makes a blanket about 60 x 72.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Patriotic Denim Camp Quilt

One single pair of red denim jeans in my pile...

...what to do, what to do...

I have been wanting to use them for a long time; last week, I cut them into 6 inch blocks and sketched out a pattern on my graph paper.  At 73 x 83, it is a nice size for a picnic or camping.

The color pattern was made possible by reversing the bricks to make a consistent light color.  I like the juxtaposition of using old jeans for the quilt, but having a controlled color. The border is made from black jeans.

Here's what the right side of the bricks looked like on the back, it's pretty messy color-wise.

  I quilted it with my trusty "Square Spiral" pattern by Karyn Emmerson.
It works really well on denim blocks.

 I have a whole bolt of this navy with red and white stars, it is used for the binding also.

Once the binding strips are sewn together, I only handle my binding once before I put it on the quilt. The seams get pressed as I press the fold. It drops into a basket on the floor.

Then, this basket goes under my Bernina and the binding goes straight onto the back of the quilt.
I attach it to the back, join it and flip it to the front. Line up the fold exactly on the previous stitching line, move my needle one place to the right and top stitch the entire binding on the front. By moving the needle, you will get a perfect row of stitching on the back also.

If you are interested, a few years ago, I did a binding tutorial here.

Super fast, neat and tidy. 
From this ironing board to this finished quilt took 58 minutes.

As you can see, I didn't make much of a dent in my denim pile...
...and these are all separated pant legs already broken down from the jeans!

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Clothesline Quilt is Done

Once I got all the orphan blocks quilted, I just had fun quilting.

These blocks were all done by a lady who is deceased.  I was given them, along with her fabric stash several years ago.  I used some of her blocks for a couple of wedding quilts for her granddaughter and grandson. You can see those quilts here and  here.  

Other than my thread, this entire quilt was made from her fabrics.  The size, design and color were dictated by that factor.
These cute blue birds are made from the scrap of blue silk I found in her stash.
The clothesline is maroon.  That was the darkest color I could find in her fabrics.
I had this single flour sack block with an appliqued tulip.
Hmm....it took me a few days to decide how to work it into the quilt.
It's appliqued to the very bottom of the quilt with a row of ghosted tulips.

While the most diverse and interesting blocks are hanging on the clothes line, the 4 blocks that were the most similar are inserted into the backing.

The floral backing has some blue so it looks quilt nice with front.
The binding is a piece of blue/white shirting. 
Here you can see it all together with my sweet new satin labels.
First time I have used them.
Flip side:
How fun is that?

I made this to give to this lady's daughter as she recently lost her husband.
This completely uses up all the vintage blocks I have been given.
 I am so glad I was able to put them to good use. 

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Clothesline Quilt Update

I just started this last night.
Got all the blocks quilted and now ready to go back and do a fun background filler.

  I have to check the back with every roll, to make sue the blocks are taut.
There was a lot of fullness in them, and I don't want any big tucks.
I placed this block at the very bottom of the quilt.

I will ghost in more tulips all along the bottom border. 

Monday, June 26, 2017

Receiving Blanket

Just sewed up this little receiving blanket for my great, great nephew out in Colorado...

...how can I be old enough for that?
I love making these and have a supply of flannels just for this occasion.

I learned to sew across the finished blanket diagonally in each direction to help prevent the flannels wrinkling up after washing many times.  I always prewash my fabrics, but still, flannel tends to stick to itself in weird ways when these blankets are used/washed many times.

These used to finish about 40x40, but flannel yardage is getting skimpier between the selvages, so instead of starting with a 44" square, I had to start with 42.5. Which finished at about 38.5.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Orphan Blocks

I have finally decided on an arrangement for all these orphan blocks.

I am making this little memory quilt for the block maker's daughter.  She doesn't know I have all these blocks of her mother's...they were given to me a few years ago....more of the story later....

 After much thought, I decided to move 4 blocks to the back of the quilt.

 I pieced them in so the centers all run in a horizontal line.

The remaining blocks will be 'hanging" on a clothesline. 

The birds are made from a piece of blue silk that was included with the fabric that came with the blocks.

The single flower block will go at the bottom of the quilt.
Quilting this will be fun, fun!

More of the story when I get this finished...


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