Thursday, February 28, 2013

Work in Progress

Today's quilting.  
This is a Kim Diehl pattern and my client will use this for a table cloth so it needs to drape softly. 

I'm just starting on this lovely gem and couldn't wait to share it with you~

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Another Fun Western Quilt

Ok, I already posted this very quilt done up for a little Cowgirl.
Now, here is one for a little Cowboy!
I really had a fun time quilting this little gem.
One big log cabin. . . .it's so simple and yet, lends itself to so many fun designs.  
Most of the fabrics are too busy to show the quilting from the front. 
I love how this row of stenciled hats turned out! 
 Front view of hat for the corner.
There are a couple of horses running free in the center block.
Now you can see the quilting!
Minky makes such a great canvas for designs that can't be seen on the front.
I plan most of the design with that in mind on a quilt like this . . .
Two simple little horses, yet it's the background quilting that really makes this block pop. 
 Lots of stars.  There are lots of stars in the fabrics.

 Boots, hats, stars, and horse shoes border "Cowboy" by Anne Bright.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Put, Put, Put Little Car!

Fun, fun, fun is what I should have entitled this cute little quilt~
I took my quilting inspiration from the fabric.
There are repeats of several of these whimsical shapes in this little quilt.
See that little blue rain cloud to the right?
Before I put it on the frame, I sketched out what I wanted to do in the applique background.
I didn't want to make rain clouds, I wanted these clouds to be happy and jaunty . . .  
. . . to do that I needed a smiling sun too! 
The back is textured Minky.
The ribbon candy in the smaller border was inspired by the funky tree branches printed on the fabric. 

Fun, fun, fun....put, put, put little car~

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Baby Boy Western Quilt

Here's another cute quilt with western prints my client made for a boy.
I have 3 sizes of Deloa's Rope a Dope rulers and find that the 2 inch seems to be the most popular size for these rope borders. 
Freehand design in the star centers. 
 Another cute retro Western print!
She mixed in some blocks with lines of words.  When I received her top, I called and told her that I have a whole bolt of this same "word" fabric in flannel. 
Here is the flannel back. 
Can't wait to see it when she gets it bound! 


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