Monday, January 19, 2015

DWR in progress

Just finished the first row tonight.
The grid is developing behind the plumes.

Double Wedding Ring

First customer quilt of the year.
I started work on this DWR pieced by an old friend. She used black, white and grey.

It's going to look very different from traditional DWR quilts.
  In addition to an asymmetrical freehand feather plume centered in each ring...

...there is a grid design behind the rings that will encompass the entire quilt.
The back is light grey and the thread is white.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Quilt of Valor #64

Here is a second Quilt of Valor top pieced by Judy in Newark, OH.

I did a freehand swirl all over the top...lots of patriotic fabrics here...
I used gold thread because it plays nice with all colors of fabric.

She pieced a surprise backing that I love!
This is going to be perfect for a Veteran who is/was a pilot.

  She pieced this panel into the center of her backing and it has pictures of bomber planes.
With a back like that, this quilt really is 2 quilts in one.  It was fun to be her partner on this QOV.  I got it in the mail tonight..."winging" its way back to her so she can get it bound and ready to present.


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