. . . and you thought it was all about sewing???


  1. Love your quilts, you are a talented artist. I have been inspired by your blog. I only have a old home sewing machine, nothing fancy. But want to free motion quilt and you have given me the inspiration I need. Love the caramels, and I think quilting and baking go together. lol

  2. Aww....Thanks Wendy. I started on my grandmother's featherweight
    singer sewing machine. I know that lots of great projects can come
    about with any kind of sewing machine. Really you are only limited by
    your own imagination. Let it fly.... Good luck! Sadly, I didn't get
    my caramels made this past christmas. Everyone is on a diet and it's
    just too hard to have them around.
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting.



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