Saturday, December 15, 2012

Hereford Quilt

Yay!  It's done and was sent on it's way back to Idaho yesterday.
76 x 87

I didn't use a pattern, I just wanted to showcase the Hereford fabric.  When my client asked me to make this quilt, she said her grandson loved I ran with that idea....

I purposely put this 8 inch strip in just so I could use this Wild Horse border pattern by Debra Geissler.

I love the rope border, but I LOVE the barbed wire. Every cattleman needs to fence in his herd!
Barb wire will keep out those longhorns that are roaming around on the far corners. 
Bumpy Minky on the back will make this quilt warm and cuddly.

Yee Haw!  This was SO fun to make!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

New Design Wall

We left the design wall in the Idaho studio since it was built right on the wall.
They are easy to make and terrific to use!

This was my old 72'' x 72'' design wall in Idaho.
 Here is my new one in Ohio measuring 77" x 90"
Yep, it's floor to ceiling.  I was always wanting more room than I had on my old one.
Here's how we made it:
Install wood frame directly on the wall.  Here it's on a cement wall. 
I have to digress for a moment.  I have never seen a basement wall done like this--the cement forms were stamped to look like brick.  The previous owner had painted the entire basement and it looks great!  This room is white with silver stripes.  Interesting. Luckily, the quilting room and family room next door is done in a warmer beige.
                                       Anyway, install your frame, we just used a simple pine 1x3 boards.
We bought 2 -4x8' sheets of 1/2" house insulation and cut them to fit the frame.
It's a lovely raspberry color huh?
When you have them both cut to fit just right but not too tight, we used a high tech method to put them together: duct tape.  Used it on the first one we made and knew you can't get it off without tearing the insulation apart.  I already had my flannel yardage sewn and laid down on the floor.  More duct tape ensured a snug fit. 
It ain't pretty, but it works like a charm!
Remember rolling up tape and sticking it to itself when you were a kid to stick your artwork on Mom's fridge?  More duct tape rolled up here to keep the plastic side of the insulation "stuck" to the wall.  Yes, we could spread caulk, glue, or silicone on the wall, but who wants that under neath here some future day?

Once you have the whole flannel-covered insulation slab back in your original frame, nail a smaller board onto the frame with half of it on the frame and half covering the insulation slab. (we used a 1"x 2")  This will keep your flannel board nice and snug.  Took us about 3 hours including making a trip ALL the way across town to Lowes and JoAnns!  In Idaho that would have been a 180 mile round trip just to get supplies!  ugh..
Now, you can simply stick your blocks on the flannel, or if you need to you can stick a pin in the board.  Works wonderfully well!
As you can see, I have a few of my Hereford quilt blocks up here....more to come!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Hereford Quilt

Here is what I am working on for a lady for Christmas.  
This is for her grandson . . .he loves Herefords!
I am going to use a huge block of the fabric in the quilt center and made 30 fancy cuts for smaller blocks. 
When she asked me if I had ever seen any Hereford fabric, I said no, most "cow" fabric is black and white.

 . . . and I wondered, come on, why is that?  I was raised on a cattle ranch that was populated by Herefords!  We certainly didn't have any black and white cattle hanging around--even our old milk cow was a Guernsey when I was a kid!

Imagine my excitement when I found a yard of this on eBay and traced it to the manufacturer and was able to order 5 yards!  I know that's fabric over-kill for a 75 x 84 quilt, but I now I can say I have it on the shelf!
You have no idea how tempting it was to order the whole bolt.

I will post progress as I go . . .

Yee Haw!


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