Sunday, August 28, 2011

Quilt of Valor

From the stars at the top to the stripes at the bottom, the blocks for this quilt were made in CA, CO, OK, OR, WY, MD, NJ, NY, MI, TX, IA, IL, OH, and PA!
Now, it's been pieced and quilted in ID.
So, ~ 30% of the US had a hand in making this quilt.
How's that for representation of our country?
I wish I could personally thank everyone that had a hand in this quilt!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Quilt of Valor

This has been on my frame for the past 3 weeks.  I thought I might have time to slip in and work on it for a few minutes in the mornings during harvest....heh...heh....  Well that didn't happen--but finished it up last night.
This quilt was pieced by the Inland Northwest Quilts of Valor group. The blocks were donated through the Moda Fabrics "Just One Star" program.

I love this fabric!  I threw open the windows in my studio . . . as the cool breeze was blowing, I thought about these houses representing all the patriotic homes across America where these blocks were made.
This quilt has blocks from OR, NY, MO, FL, TX....
 ....AZ, WA, MS, NC, WY and MI.
I am very proud to be another set of hands that have touched this quilt!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Quilts of Valor

Two Quilts of Valor quilted and ready to send back to Northern Idaho to the Inland Northwest Virtual Quilts of Valor group.

Flag of Valor pattern by Minick and Simpson.

Each of the stars are signed by the persons that pieced them. They are from all over the US. This spring, Moda Fabrics, in conjunction with the Quilts of Valor Foundation, presented the Moda Fabrics Just One Star  program. I have 2 more of these quilts standing by to quilt. It is so interesting looking at all the states that are represented in these blocks! This particular quilt had blocks from MI, FL, OH, MO, CA, NY, KS and NC.

This quilt was pieced by the Cornerstone QOV group.


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