Monday, August 11, 2014

Crown Royal-down the home stretch...

I have been working on this for the past 2 days.  I will not put any other quilt on the frame until I have finished piecing this quilt.  It will be next.
This quilt was commissioned by some very good friends of ours.

I have been working on it-off and on- for almost 2 years.  Mind you, we sold the farm in Idaho, moved to Ohio during this time....and I had a surgery....yada, yada..... 

These friends are headed out to visit us next month and spend a few days. Now, my goal is to have it on the bed when they get here!

Here are the finished blocks I am making from the bags.

I was able to create a way to use up all most all of the fabric in the bag and the gold braid to boot!
Here's how it works:
I cut off the drawstring casing and fish out the braid--taking care not to cut the braid because I will need every millimeter of it for the block.
I cut off the knot and fish out the braid
There is a 36" length of braid in each bag.
Here's what I end up with...when I get a dozen bags dissected, I iron everything and start assembling the blocks.
If I have cut the bag extremely carefully, I can get two 9.5 x 2.25 inch strips from the side length.
I need to cut the bottom curve off the front piece right where the width is 4 inches.
Sew the front to the back... 
Centering the words, trim this to 9.5 x 4 inches. 
Not much left of the bag and I am saving the chunk left from the back, I might use it later.
Here we are: the braid is stitched 3/4 inch in from the edge of the block making a nice frame.
I am getting close to my final number of 60 blocks this afternoon! 


  1. How did you attach the braiding? Did you machine sew over it, or hand sew it, or ???

  2. I used a zig zag stitch with my Bernina and used yellow thread.

  3. Do you have a photo of your finished quilt?

  4. Yes, there is a search button above the Label index so you can see all the CR related posts. Here is the finished product.

  5. I am getting started on one of these for a friend. Did you pre-wash the bags? I read somewhere that another person had issues with the purple bleeding a lot. That concerns me. I have not cut anything but I appreciate you sharing your steps above. Helps a lot.

    1. I did not prewash the bags. Yes, they might run if it is ever washed.

  6. Any special setting for your iron? I tried ironing one once and the yellow thread on the bag started melting.

    1. No, I just used my normal cotton setting on my steam iron. I had no melting problems.

  7. I read on another post the gold seam thread melts not the purple
    or the Logo.

    1. I don't know about that, I never ironed any of the gold seam thread. It would be true if it was nylon thread.

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