Saturday, December 25, 2010

~Beary Christmas~

These little bears have been helping me decorate my dining room tree for the last few years.  I love to find a tall and skinny "Charlie Brown" fir tree for this spot by the stairs.

Burlap, rusty stars and bells.
However, the bears are the "stars" of the tree.
There are those that are late to work . . .

. . . the go-getters, working their way to the top . . .
  . . . the swingers . . .

 . . . the slackers . . .

. . . the supervisor . . .
. . . the show off . . .

I love my little rustic tree.
~Berry Christmas~  

Friday, December 24, 2010

I Spy Quilts

This client made these 3 cute "I Spy" quilts for grandchildren.  One each for her three son's families. 
She printed all the words with her computer then used a light box and traced the text onto the fabric with a fabric pen.  This border contains all the clue words for the quilt.  The children's names are also written in this border.
Minky on all the backs.
I Spy #2
I Spy #3

~Merry Christmas~

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wrestling T-Shirt Quilt

Whew~!  One last quilt wrapped up to deliver tomorrow for Christmas.

I love surprises!  These are some high school championship wrestling t-shirts that were given to me to make into a quilt.  The owner of the shirts is now helping coach wrestling at his old high school.
I think his wife was pretty excited when I told her I was going to be able to get it done on time for her to give to him.

Shirts all cut and sewn together--ready to quilt.
I was really excited to find a maroon flannel with gold stars for the backing!
Gold plaid flannel for the binding.

Gold Thread- top and back

I am always amazed at the transformation of a pile of wrinkled shirts . . .
 . . . a few hours later . . .
I think he will be pleased to wrap up in this cozy reminder of his hard work in high school. 
~Merry Christmas~

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Dally Up!

Three little cowgirl sisters are going to get these cuddly blankets for Christmas from their Aunt.  To prevent any mix up, I quilted one with brown thread and one with cream. 
These two are 60 x 60.
Front is fleece, back is Minky. 

Baby loops for their new baby sister- 36 x 36.
 ~Merry Christmas~

Grandad's Denim Jeans

This is a great idea for taking old denim pants and making something special out of them!  My client has 5 grown children (3 girls, 2 boys).  She made a denim quilt for each of them.  The fabric included family jeans and one special piece in each quilt from jeans that belonged to their deceased Grandfather.  All quilts are 66 x 85.
Quilt #1
 By sewing the denim in a brick pattern it eliminated bulky junctions where seams meet.
Here is the special block that is made from their Grand Dad's jeans.  This was his livestock brand. It is quilted on each of the special blocks on each quilt.

All the backings are flannel.  I quilted this one with brown thread.
Quilt #2
Black Thread for this one.
Quilt #3

Bright yellow thread for this quilt to bring out the tiny bit of  yellow in the backing fabric.
Quilt #4
Lime green thread.
Quilt #5
This was quilted with pink thread.
~Merry Christmas~


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