Saturday, January 28, 2012

Baby Pony

Oh my, this client always brings me the cutest quilts . . . 
. . .  and this is no exception!
Don't you just love this pony's 3D mane? 
"Xs" and crosshatching to match the little barn doors.
Terry Twists in the red and brown. 
Minky back. 

Friday, January 27, 2012

Quilts of Valor Jan. 2012

Today, I am linking up with the QOV blog for  QOV Project Progress Friday!

This is really an "end of the month" progress report for me.  I already posted about these quilts so I will just put photos here of 3 QOVs tops I quilted in January.

Blog post here.

Blog post here.

Blog post here.

Here is the link if you are new to Quilts of Valor.
There are lots of  QOV projects going on all around the US--
--lots of piecers, quilters and binders working diligently to cover our Veterans

Thursday, January 26, 2012

February Wall Hanging

I finally had to take time to finish this project I made for my Mom.
She is in a care center and I made this for her door.
This is a pattern from Joined at the Hip called "Button Up."
You make a foundation to hang on the wall/door . . . 
. . . then, a separate panel buttons on this foundation: one for each month.
I chose 3 different buttons from my button box to complete the patchwork feel.
I actually started this project a few weeks ago, got the foundation done and the month of January slipped away from me.
Lots of Texture. 
The finished project. 
So, I had to put the January panel at the bottom of the pile . . . on to March!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Baby Quilt

This little quilt packs a big surprise . . .
 . . . simple strip piecing comes to life with a cute panto.
Catch that Horse Pantograph by Anne Bright
 Fun western print fabrics.  See that barb wire?
Minky back 

Alaskan Receiving Blankets

I have a little friend in Alaska who is having her first baby: a boy.  I found this flannel in my stash and this morning, decided to make her a couple of these self binding receiving blankets.
By this time next year, that baby will probably have seen real moose and bear!

You need 2.25 yards of each fabric to make a matched set, and I was a few inches short of the leaf print, so I pieced this one in the center.
I posted a link to a tutorial for these little blankets some time back and you can find it here.
36 x 36

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Southwest Baby Quilt

What a cute panel--even the border is part of the panel.
35 x 46
Light custom quilting. 
I just followed the print as if it were pieced. 
Added a little breeze above these cute cacti. 
This inside blue border was 33 5/8 inches and I wanted to do a simple piano key on the white border. Here is what I do when I have an oddball size. Instead of trying to divide and measure evenly, I measure a piece of adding machine tape the exact length and then fold it in the center, then fold each half in the center, and so on, until I get down to about the size I want. Then you can mark the quilt evenly. The top and bottom of the center borders were 23 3/8 so they came out a little different than the sides. But to get a nice square corner, this works for me. 
Little cactus matching backing.  When my client brought this to me, she said she was cleaning out her sewing cupboard and this had been there for a long time.  The backing actually measured 45.5 inches with only a 1/4 inch selvage!
  It's been a lot of years since I have seen a piece of fabric an actual 45 inches!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Quilt of Valor

Another QOV from Nancy in WY.

I used "Seaweed" pantograph by Lorien Quilting.

It looks like banners waving in the breeze.

When I have a mix of red, white and blue colors I like to use gold thread.  It compliments all the colors and does not fight with any of them.


Thank You Nancy!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Quilt of Valor

Quilt of Valor top made by Nancy in WY.
Great fabrics!
This quilt was fun to quilt.  I love this curved border treatment and instead of marking even spaces, I like to change the curves randomly, I think it's less formal that way.
The back!
She pieced her back with this matching panel. I don't know if she purposely made her top to fit in the dimensions of the squares, but when I measured everything, I knew I had to make this happen.
It was a personal challenge . . . 
As usual, I made sure the backing was square.
I marked a line 1/2 inch above the printed line then basted the batting along my markings. 
When I attached the top, I basted it 1/4 inch from the top of the batting.
I did the same on the sides.   
When I was all done, it gave me 1/4 inch left to attach the binding, leaving the squares complete~
Here's what the back will look like when the binding is sewn down. 
This stripped binding is the frosting on the cake!~ 
Headed back to Nancy on Monday.
She will finish the binding, label, wash it and send it on to it's final destination.


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