Sunday, November 21, 2010

Cowboy Minky

Minky top + Minky back = cuddly blanket.
Tracing the rope first was not enough quilting.  So, I decided to keep the layers smoothly together--I would echo down each side of the rope.
Powder blue and chocolate brown minky.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Pink Boots - Pink Hats

Here is another flannel and Minky blanket.
Simple, cuddly, warm.
What more can you ask for?
99% of the baby blankets I quilt for customers have Minky on the back.
There are lots of lucky babies around here!

Red Rose Lap Quilt

I made this delightful little quilt for my client's grandmother.
She likes red!
I finished piecing the top 2 months ago and it has been patiently waiting its turn.
 All of the small black center triangles and the single cream center are 3 dimensional.
 These large black triangles are 3-D also.  They are not prairie points, because they are faced, stitched and then turned before they were applied.
They just stuck up too much after the rest of the area was quilted so I quilted them with a little swirl to hold them in place.
The binding always makes such a great statement for a quilt!
The pattern had square corners.  I cut them off because I liked this look with the rest of the quilt design--echoing the diagonal center of the quilt.
The back.
I used black, red and cream thread on the top and red on the back.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Gee's Bend Quilt

This is a reproduction quilt with hand dyed fabrics.
Gee's Bend is a small rural location in Alabama with a very interesting story:

I had just read about Gee's Bend quilts when my client contacted me to quilt this for her.  These quilts are fascinating works of art.
Gee's Bend quilts are quilted in a very linear design. 

The design often reflected different quilters sitting around the quilt, each doing their own "pattern."  I can imagine that the arcs were repeated, going outward, as far as one could reach.  The quilting lines were freehand, all different widths.
This was a fun and interesting quilt to have on my frame.  To keep my perspective (in a small quilting area) I marked the entire quilt with chalk before I put it on the frame.  School chalk is my best friend!  I sharpen it to a point with a big fat sharpener I found in the cosmetics department--school chalk won't fit in a a regular size sharpener.  There are lots of fancy chalk pencils on the market, but this remains my favorite tool. . . AND I know I can always get it out of the fabric. 

Here is a link to a gallery of the original Gee's Bend quilts: 

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Cabin Quilt

Boy, do I hate to see this leave~!
Pattern-"Nestled at the Lodge" by Deborah Jacobs & Kathryn Squibb.

 In the beginning.
This pile of fabric looks pretty uninteresting . . .
Starting the appliqué in the center.

Auditioning additional fabrics for the log cabin blocks.
Earthy, organic, forest, and wildlife prints. 
 Bringing the appliquéd center panel to life. 
Flying geese "migrating" around the center panel.
Freehand leaves. 
The back
Close up of backing fabric. 


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