Friday, April 7, 2017

Aurora Borealis T-Shirt Quilt

So, this just happened....

My cousin sent me these shirts from Montana and told me to think of the Aurora Borealis for colors. 
I used some ombre fabric for the sashing and the binding.  I love how this turned out and wait till you see the fabric on the back!

I  quilted a freehand topographical-meander-spiral.

I had one orphan shirt that just couldn't fit anywhere, so I put it on the back.
She has worked and lived in Glacier National Park for several years. 

I love the backing!

Thursday, April 6, 2017

T Shirt Quilt

Fun, fun!

Last week, I received a box of T-shirts from a little cousin that lives and works in Montana.

I am making her a quilt.  I love making these.
Today I boned the shirts and got the interfacing ironed on.

Now comes the fun part, putting these all together, trimming, adding the small logos, and mixing them to fit.

I was able to get all the random logos appliqued onto the blocks, i love this part. The words, "Where the road ends..." and "adventure begins" wrapped around the bottom of the shirt, the small round logo was on the chest, the block is cut from the back of the shirt.  I also use interfacing on the appliques.

There were 3 shirts alike and I tried to make the blocks look different with the appliques.

When shirts have a only a long narrow logo, I often cut them down and sew 2 of them together for a block.  Here are 2 different shirts sewn together and I made sure I had room for the small logo on the grey one.   

 I like to use this feather stitch to applique these because it lays nice and flat and smooth.

Ready to start cutting the sashing.

She likes blues and greens and her prompt for me was Aurora Borealis.
 I only have 2 rows to sew together and it will be ready to quilt.


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